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We help create meaningful moments at your event, new opportunity for business and capture all the important memories in between.

LOVE WINS covers it all from your Wedding, Mitzvah, Holiday or Corporate Event to Red Carpet Premieres for Book signings, Film or your social branding content!

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Awareness Media & Marketing

Awareness Media

Video marketing and a consistent daily branding strategy will provide your business with the attention it deserves. SEO needs to be integrated into each marketing campaign and daily post. Our services provide cinema quality original video,  photography and music that guarantees to amplify your exposure and traction.

Live Events

There are so many moving parts to ensuring your event is memorable.  From the DJ, MCee, Dancers, Extra Entertainment, Games, Lighting, Dance Floors, Photo Booths, Memorable Video and Photography Services and more.  We work closely with top event planners to provide ensure your event hits the mark. Sweet 16's, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitvahs, Corporate Affairs, 

Boost Your Business 

Have a project that needs attention quickly? Our extensive subscriber based network, alongside one of the strongest marketing companies can help you make the impact your project deserves. Create a plan that's tailored to your needs.   

JV Creative

The details matter!  JV Creative can support your creative project.  Whether it be a creative idea, live event or design project. With and proven track record the right connections, a well thought out plan of action and a clear vision, we can help you connect the dots and make even the seemingly impossible unfold. 

Film or Book Release

Don't wait for your creative release to find your audience. We help create partnerships with organizations and corporations that help maximize your audience. We have a proven track record through worldwide Distribution and aligning the right audience and next level support. A PR company can only do so much, and with independent projects the key is to have a network of likeminded folks that will support your work. We are also partners with a Cinema for New York Premieres, book signings and other live events.


Career Consultation sessions for Filmmakers, Producers, Actors and Freelancers in the Creative Industries with our Founder and Expert Jaret Martino.

Our Founder has been recognized by his industry peers as a valuable advisor, positive thinker, advocate for artists from around the world for many years. Creating awareness for subjects deserving attention and turning pain into positive has been his personal and professional mission. 

Have you been looking for for a career booster? 


Awareness Media and Marketing offers an array of services for every creative expression.  

Life's within the details and we can help to ensure your vision comes to fruition.

* Have an idea that's been a lifelong dream?

* Planning an event that's overwhelming you? 

* Have a business that needs more attention?

Let's make it pretty. We'd love to help!

What Our Clients Say

Amy S.

"As a long time business owner I've done my best to stay on top of the many moving parts. I've realized over the years that you are only as strong as your team.  Awareness Media helped bring my business to the next level.  Tripling my revenue by helping create new relationships within the trade and following up with strong marketing that created repeat clients. "
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