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Finding Hope In A Fear Filled World

After I became my Mother's care-taker during an intense 4 month battle with Pancreas Cancer, I march on today with the same strength and determination she always had.  With a mission to create awareness for this horrible disease, and a focus to help change the statistics through supporting early detection and research efforts.  


Interviews are of current patients, survivors, care-takers, and the Nations top Doctors. Including Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and team (Chan Soon Shiong Insitute for Medicine), Dr. Arsen Osipov (Cedars Sinai Medical Center), Dr. Richard Sollazzo, Dr. Lenny Izzo, Christina Reyes, and more.

 -  Jaret Martino (Director)

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Feature Film Coming Soon

Despite All...Love Always Wins

Despite All...Love Always Wins

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