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Holding Onto Hope

Holding Onto Hope

Holding Onto Hope
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HOLDING ONTO HOPE (Feature Documentary Film)

HOLDING ONTO HOPE (Feature Documentary Film)

Holding Onto Hope Interviews

Holding Onto Hope Interviews

Luxe Beauty

Luxe Beauty

Holding Onto Hope Teaser

Holding Onto Hope Teaser

Jaret and Donna Martino

Finding Hope In a Fear Filled World

After I became my Mother's care-taker during an intense 4 month battle with Pancreas Cancer, I march on today with the same strength and determination she always had.  With a mission to create awareness for this horrible disease, and a focus to help change the statistics through supporting early detection and research efforts.  


Interviews are of current patients, survivors, care-takers, and the Nations top Doctors. Including Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and team (Chan Soon Shiong Insitute for Medicine), Dr. Arsen Osipov (Cedars Sinai Medical Center), Dr. Richard Sollazzo, Dr. Lenny Izzo, Christina Reyes, and more.

 -  Jaret Martino (Director)

Holding Onto Hope is a Documentary Film Platform that focuses on Pancreas Cancer and includes interviews with doctors, patients, survivors, and caretakers. Featuring the latest products and services. Each stream supports current patients financially. 

Current Patients

Share their most vulnerable thoughts and emotions while undergoing treatment.


Although the statistics do not allow for many survivors, we are fortunate to be able to feature a handful of survivors.


The excruciating pain revealed of the exhausting job of a care-taker, and a platform to share details on how to cope, where to go and what to do next.


The Nations top Doctors share what gives them hope personally and professionally, as well as the latest medical advancements, multidisciplinary clinics, clinical trials, and research efforts.

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Now Streaming 
Share this message of hope during pancreatic cancer awareness month
Every stream supports a patient in need via Dawn Hill Fight Foundation, Inc. A 501c3 non-profit organization. 

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To help fund research that is most promising in providing effective treatment in immunology, oncology and alternative medicine.


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Work with Doctors and Programs that value changing statistics


 Sharing key data and providing clinics that demand a higher level of care

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Give caretakers, family and friends the opportunity to share more

about their loved ones

Honor the lives of those that

have passed away

Provide hope and real time direction to current patients and survivors.

Work to make noticeable change in the statistics each year through the power of spreading awareness utilizing media.

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​ Provide education, resources, connection and clarity on misinformation

Services that safeguard a consumer

Products on the market that are certified non toxic

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luxe beauty

Chemist Jane May Graves was inspired to

create a new kind of natural skincare after her

Mother was diagnosed with Cervical/Uterine/Colon Cancer.

Jane's Mom is a cancer survivor.

Watch Jane's interview on the streaming platform.

In Memory Of...

Fly Butterfly, Fly.

Donna Marie Martino

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