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Extraordinary space

A spectacular, unique & versatile new event space located in the heart of NY's historic Roslyn Village. 

Its exquisite industrial-chic all white decor, state of the art lighting & projections and tall soaring ceilings make it the perfect canvas for The Love Wins Film Festival!


Love always wins

Despite all, love always wins. Jaret Martino in association with Love Wins Productions and My Mind Enterprises envisioned this festival to further the mission of bringing like-minded artists together as our way of helping the shift in global consciousness. Creating awareness for subjects deserving attention through all art forms. Turning pain into positive and starting important conversations is the focus of this Festival. Established April 2014.

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The experience

Equally as important as connecting with industry and moving your project forward we will take time to create an experience for each guest. The unique space will be filled with music, all forms of art, holistic healers, designers, and local vendors. Upon arrival you will have the option to valet park your car, greeted by black tie security and a coat check. Visually taking in all the details that were put together to make this a stand out event. The safe and supportive vibe of the space will encourage organic and meaningful connections.

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The Love Wins Film Festival

2021 Award Winners!

Award Winners:
   The Good Balloon Film and Best Original Song/Music Video
Nona’s Peppers (Best Poster/Photo)

The Bride Price (Best Feature Documentary)

Stopped (Best Short Film)

Fugetsu-Do (Best Short Documentary

  Hunny-Bunny (Best Short Documentary)
“175” (Best Screenplay/Script)

Summer in Hindsight (Best Message Driven Film)

2 Down (Official Music Video) (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Special Someone (Best Original Song/Music Video)
  “Brave” by Jon Altham, Pia Toscano, and Matthew Postlethwaite (From “The Great Artist.”) (Best Original Song/Music Video)
The Great Artist (An Original Motion Picture Score)
Parental Guidance Suggested (Best Short Documentary)
We Had To Say Goodbye (Best Original Song/Music Video)

A Son’s Gift (Best Screenplay/Script)    
Theme Song of the Female Founder – Woman’s Enlightenment
The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (Best Short Film)

The Gesture and The Word (Best Short Film)
January 14th (Best Short Film)
The Divisible (Best Short Film)

Yarne (Best Short Film)

WHAT IS LOVE? (Best Short Documentary)

What If… (Best Message Driven Film)    
Lizzy’s Plan (Best Short Film)
ANNA – Cannes Official Selection, BIFA winner for Best British Short, BAFTA shortlisted (Best Short Film)

I Love Ana (Best Student Film)

HONEY BEE (Narrative Feature)
Turn it Around (Best LGBTQ Film)


Shame or honour (Best Screenplay/Script)
Black Roses (Best Screenplay/Script)
Valse Naïve (Best Original Song/Music Video)

Okinawa Sunset (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Moon Chasing the Wind (Best Screenplay/Script)
The Sweet Temptation (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Templin Highway (Best Screenplay/Script)
Sab Rab De Bande (We’re all God’s Creation) (Best Short Documentary)
Sweet Sunshine (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Key of T (Best Short Documentary) (Best LGBTQ Film)
Love Can’t Be Locked Down (Best Short Film)
Bones of Ribbon (Best Screenplay/Script)

A Dress for Rachel (Best Short Film)

DE – Documenting Depression (Best Feature Documentary)

The Good Life (Best Short Documentary)

I bow to thee O Mother (Best Original Song/Music Video)

   Lioness (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   “WAKE UP” (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Selling Out (Best Original Song/Music Video)

No Place Like Home (Best Original Song/Music Video)
Complete Surrender (Best Short Documentary)
   Kaali Maati (Best Message Driven Film)
   #richieneedsawife (Best Web Series)

Shojon – Theorem (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   Love (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   Romance in Outer Space (Best Original Song/Music Video)

   Dancing in the Rain (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   The Line (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   Execution Day (Best Screenplay/Script)

   Straight Into The Ocean (Best Original Song/Music Video)

   The Skys – Communication (Best Original Song/Music Video)

   Long Way From Home (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   Allured III (Best Screenplay/Script)
   AND-1139 (Best Student Film, BEST LGBTQ Film, Best Director)
   Soft Boy (Best Student Film)
   Alaska Long Hunters (Best Feature Documentary, Best Message Driven Film, Best Cinematography)
   The Young Man and Death (Best Short Film)
The Best Gift (Best Short Film)
The 44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli (Best Short Documentary)

Quarter Finalist
   Her Seventh Death (Best Screenplay/Script)

   Whirling Desert – Iasi Ensemble (Best Original Song/Music Video)
   This Is The Last Time (Best Screenplay Script)
  Humanity Again (Best Original Song/Music Video)

  Miss America By Day (Best Feature Documentary)
Lifesaver: The SLO Noor Foundation Story (Best Feature Documentary, Best Message-Driven Film)
It’s Complicated (Best Screenplay/Script)