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who we are

Creating awareness for subjects deserving attention

Jaret Martino and Love Wins Productions is an original content and third party production company, designed for the 21st century's changed media landscape. 


Focused on raising awareness for subjects deserving attention. With a focus on women's empowerment, diversity and inclusion and LGBTQIA messages.  


Specializes in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, television, and digital media content. Jaret's award winning films have been seen throughout the world in festivals and streaming platforms.

Jaret is proud to introduce his new partnership at Love Wins Productions.  With a mission to find freedom, joy, connection and love. 


 We're building a safe and supportive community that provides opportunity, platforms and Distribution and The Love Wins Film Festival!   IMDB Qualifying Film Festival !

Our latest release titled, DONNA Stronger Than Pretty is streaming everywhere you buy and rent movies in 65 countries!

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the heart of it

Shining a light and turning pain into positive!

Founded by Jaret Martino, Love Wins Productions is a media company that puts women at the center of every story we create, celebrate and discover. We focus on women's empowerment, LGBTQIA+, diversity and inclusion and health and wellness messages.

After completing thirty social justice projects, Jaret released a Narrative Feature Film worldwide, which surrounds his Mother's true story titled, DONNA: Stronger Than Pretty. "This Film, dedicated to my loving mother, Donna, whose bravery, sacrifice, smile, and heart have shaped the man I am today, was realized to be used as a tool to inspire and empower other families to try to break free of negative conditioning, stereotypes, patterns, and cycles.  It honors the strength of women all over the world and hopefully it will also encourage men to acknowledge and share their emotions with the women and children who love them.


May we unite in solidarity and collective spirit to spread love in the face of adversity and shift to a global consciousness that propels movement towards helping undo thousands of years of damage.


It is also dedicated, in loving memory, to all of the beautiful souls who have lost their lives due to domestic violence.

 -Jaret Martino

Streaming exclusively on The Love Wins Channel. Featuring award winning films from Love Wins Productions, and top films at the Love Wins Film Festival.  

Driven: The Doc - Unique Artists defy stereotypes, labels and stigmas, starring Dreya Weber, Raquel Castro, April Gooding and more!

World Apart is a trans rights series starring GloZell. 

The Worst Day of My Life - Teen Bullying awareness film, starring Alexa Petito

Inner Warrior- a survivors series

Love Wins International Film Festival
DONNA Stronger Than Pretty
The Worst Day of My Life
Worlds Apart
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