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Creating awareness for subjects deserving attention

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Productions, Distribution, Film Festival, Corporate Branding, Marketing and Live Events. Focus on heart centered message driven content, that amplifies Women's Empowerment, LGBTQIA+, Diversity and Inclusion and Health and Wellness messages.

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Jeffree J Davis, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

I had the honor of working with Jaret as one of my panelist/speakers for The Jeffree J Experience ' "Embracing our Imperfections" Speaking Panel that helps motivate and empower inner-city youth. Jaret Martino is such an inspiration and he empowers others through his phenomenal work. He has such a rich soul and when he spoke to our youth that night I heard incredible feedback. Not just from the

youth but the other panelist/speakers, the staff, and performers. I am forever grateful for his involvement in this event. I can't wait to work with him again and see what else he has to

show the world. He truly is not only a great producer and creator that creates meaningful, impactful, and necessary work but he also has

one of the best personalities to work with. We need more people like him and not just in this business but in the world. He may have to add Inspirational Speaker to his title because he truly inspired all who attended.


Ruth Glenn, President and CEO at National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

Jaret and his Mother are phenomenal advocates. I and NCADV are so glad to be partners on their work and Jaret's film. His desire to make change for those who have experienced domestic violence is impressive. He brings passion and understanding, as he (child survivor) and his Mother have experienced the impact and consequence of that violence. Jaret will continue to make a difference I am sure. Through his film work and raising his voice #survivorspeaks in the work to end domestic violence, he brings a perspective that cannot be ignored.

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The Petito Family, "The Worst Day of My Life" (Film)

Looking back, we met Jaret as he was wrapping up a project Called "Inner Warrior" and came across the casting of younger Donna for "Donna The Movie". 


Then we had an opportunity to work together as Acting Coach 2018, Then Director 2019


We had the most wonderful experience working with Jaret as Director, on Our daughter's 1st Short Film WDOML (Worst Day of My Life) an Anti-bulling Film.  Turning a Negative/Pain into a positive.  From getting the script together, the process of casting characters, setting up his Amazing Crew, the locations to finally Shooting the film.  It was seamless and he made it look so easy.  As well as Teaming up with the organization CAPS Anti Bullying Center.   As The Director Jaret made such an impact our lives, such encouragement and such an inspiration.






Creating awareness for subjects deserving attention 

A unique experience that incorporates networking and Distribution opportunity

Heart-centered message

driven Films. We offer a unique and transparent deal where Filmmakers keep 100% of the profits!

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Despite All...Love Always Wins #VoicesRising

Despite All...Love Always Wins #VoicesRising

Despite All...Love Always Wins #VoicesRising
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The Retreat Virtual Gala Promo

The Retreat Virtual Gala Promo

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SINGLE PARENTS ROCK! (Children's Book) by @JaretMartino

SINGLE PARENTS ROCK! (Children's Book) by @JaretMartino

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Jaret Martino Embracing Our Imperfections

Jaret Martino Embracing Our Imperfections

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